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Safety is number one while planning the activities and basic idea is experiences together and comfortable atmosphere.

Reinon Tupa - Back 2 Roots

Back 2 Roots

B2R-package consists of various different tasks to boost group dynamics. Work well-being events and sportive parts of the day are always tailored to Your group.

Day starts with hosts greetings and safety instructions. After this participants are divided into teams. A short presentation tour acts as an icebreaker. After the presentation teams select representatives amongst them, for example: builders, hunters and artists.

Groupingtasks are built in such manner that all differents representatives act as team captains according to instructions. Goal is to get group's inner dynamics to function without quides interference. Goal is to get to know your colleques, lifting team spirit and experiencing together. We will wake participants into curiosity.

Find exciting new perspective of exercising in the nature! Forest is a natural gym, where you can enjoy natural sporty excursion even with your family. This program gives you nice tips for your own outdoor activities with your family or friends.


  • Icebreakers
  • Physics and speed
  • Accuracy and concentration
  • Logics and puzzle solving
  • Creativity and improvisation

Reinon Tupa - Eko-Aims


Concentration, balance, self-control! Competitivity, experiencing together!

Eko-Aims brings shooting-activity to all interested in it in a new safe and eco-friendly way; Eko-Aims doesn't use bullets and isn't harsh on your ears. Eko-Aims is suitable to all ages, from professionals to hobbyists.

Reinon Tupa - Wild life-competitions near Reinon Tupa

Wild life-competitions near Reinon Tupa

Fun events such as nature-checkpoint, handiness-tasks: hit the nail, identify various animals, Eko-Aims, fire ignition etc.


In the area around Reinon Tupa there are plenty of marked nature trails and shelters with opportunity for many activities, such as skiing, Nordic walking, snowshoe walking and many others.


Reinon Tupa is located at the Niinistönjärvi Lake near Kurikka, in the middle of the most beautiful swamp scenery. We host hundreds of groups every year for conferences, company day-offs and sauna evenings.

Tel. +358 50 554 8032

Niinistönjärventie 209
61300 Kurikka

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